Our CEO Sits Down with Founderly

Our CEO Sits Down with Founderly

February 17, 2012
Our CEO Sits Down with Founderly

Ever wonder what this Zendesk thing is all about, or how we got started? Our CEO Mikkel Svane sat down with Founderly this past November to talk about his journey from idea to present day, which conveniently doubles as an in-depth company history. He then waxes poetic on Zendesk’s involvement in the early days of Twitter and Groupon, before discussing our grand plan for the future. We dare you to try and resist his subtle Danish charm:

Episode 1 (of 2)

zenDesk1of2QT from FounderLY on Vimeo.

Episode 2

zenDesk2of2QT from FounderLY on Vimeo.

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