Take it or leave it? What help desk data should you migrate?

Published July 22, 2014
Last modified July 22, 2014

When you change from one help desk system to another, there are a number of steps you’ll need to take to know what data is important to migrate and what isn’t. In the industry, best practice says to archive all but the current open tickets. Sometimes, though, that's not feasible. Can you jettison all of it and start over? Are you bound by a legal requirement and must hang on to everything? Then, of course, there’s everywhere in-between those two extremes...

To understand the value of the historical help desk data in your organization, you’ll have to do some investigating. It isn’t just those who rely on that information to make decisions or improvements, there’s also your support staff—do they use past tickets as research? Do you have an extensive knowledge base they refer to? Questions like these and others will determine how complex your migration plan will be.

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