Dance like nobody is waiting: announcing the Best Hold Music winner

2015년 12월 22일

Today is the day that hold music changes for the better.

With the help of you, the voting public, Zendesk is preparing to distribute a powerful new weapon in the war against generic power ballads and soft boiled jazz. You called for a new paradigm in hold music and we answered that call. For two weeks we held a global contest to find better hold music. It was a close and scrappy fight, but a winner has emerged, shining, victorious, and sporting a dope beat.

Let us all raise our phones (and ears) to the winner, “Four as in X” composed by Peter Linn. The spare, vaguely haunting piano melody on this track helped it rise above the other contenders to claim the victory. But really, all of the tracks in this contest are an improvement on most hold music customers are forced to endure.

Hear the winning track for Best Hold Music:

Update: Download the winning hold music here

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