How LEGO Designs a Customer’s Experience

November 8, 2010

Below is an amazing graphic produced by LEGO that it calls the experience wheel, designed, in this particular example, for a flight out of London’s Heathrow airport to New York City.

Pretty cool, right? And even better, it’s not too difficult for other organizations to map out something similar. Really, it’s just about asking the right questions.

More important, as Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent points out, word gets around fast when a customer has had a less than stellar experience. And the ability to spout off about a bad experience is only going to get easier. Though it looks cool, the information it maps out is something every company should be folding into its long-term business plan.

How organizations work on designing the customer experience does matter more and more to the business long term prospects in an increasingly interconnected world.

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