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GoToAssist Integration Simplifies IT Service Management

Last updated November 9, 2009

Zendesk is used by our many customers in many different environments. We have customers using Zendesk for large-scale consumer support operations (e.g., Twitter), customers using Zendesk to support business customers or partners, and we have a bunch of customers using Zendesk for internal or external IT help desks.

For the latter group in particular, we are happy to announce that we have integrated the IT Management SaaS solution from GoToAssist directly into Zendesk. GoToAssist is the world’’s first Search Engine for IT and it automates the collection of all of your IT data including information about your network, users, and assets and allows you to query and report on it. And our integration allows you to instantly look up computer names and understand what software is installed on each machine.


The GoToAssist widget for Zendesk enables agents to view customer’s hardware and software network information when managing a ticket request. This means when you create or view a Zendesk ticket you can search for hardware or software used by the requester, or by typing in a network name for a computer or other hardware. Best of all, this all takes place from within the Zendesk agent interface.

The Zendesk and GoToAssist integration provides a number of unique advantages for the IT user:

Streamlined way of creating new tickets with inventory information attached, so you can focus on solving IT problems instead of managing a complex ticketing system and a CMDB.

Web-based so you can access tickets and inventory information from anywhere and any time.

Hosted solution means less infrastructure to maintain, there’s no need for managing additional servers.

We are thrilled to be working with GoToAssist and to be able to offer you asset and software management directly through Zendesk.

For instructions on how to set up the GoToAssist widget, please visit our support forums.