Find out what’s new with Zendesk

Published February 12, 2017
Last modified February 12, 2017

Join our product marketing team for an in-depth walk-through of all product updates in the last quarter. In this 60-minute webinar, we’ll take you through the new features in Support, Help Center, Chat, Talk, and Message as well as discuss the benefits of each channel in greater detail. There’ll also be time at the end for questions.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll learn about new features in our core Support, Help Center, Chat, and Talk products, including:

An overview and demo of SMS support with Text
To help companies meet the demands of their increasingly mobile consumers, Zendesk recently announced the general availability of Text, a feature of Zendesk Talk that makes it easy for customer service teams to provide text support, right from the Zendesk customer support ticketing system.

A deep-dive into chat widget customization with the Web SDK
The Web SDK lets you build a chat widget that’s unique to your website. Now you can build a chat widget with customized branding, language, and behavioral options.

How to serve relevant content to your customers with Automatic Answers
With Automatic Answers, questions from customers are interpreted and relevant knowledge base articles are suggested. Learn how Automatic Answers can lead to faster resolution times, clearing up the support team to focus on things only people can do.

Introduction to Zendesk Message and its newest features
Message helps businesses engage customers on their favorite messaging platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Companies like BarkBox are already using Message in innovative ways to create unique experiences for their customers.

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