Be a better listener

Be a better listener

7월 2017
Be a better listener

You’re a busy support leader with a team to manage and KPIs to meet. Up and to the right is a series that focuses on simple, actionable tips you can use right now to meet your goals.

Customers are always willing to tell you how they feel about your product. The question remains: is there a better way to listen? Where ‘better’ means ‘more structured and useful,’ of course.

The gift that keeps on giving

You can keep your finger on the pulse with a feedback forum. By leveraging this feature, you’ll be able to quickly receive customer impressions on newly-released content or products, track pain points, and uncover ideas for new development.

A new set of eyes and ears

The real magic comes from the interpretation of how customers are using your feedback forum. There are a couple of measuring points to keep an eye on: the amount of users ‘following’ a page, and the amount of users who have commented on an existing post.

Is there a large number of users following a certain post? Keep in mind that whenever this post is updated, all the followers are notified—this is a good opportunity to potentially answer a lot of questions with one update or send a relevant message far and wide.

Or are you seeing a lot of comments on a post where users chime in with a ‘me, too!’ Hmm.. this post might be one to address with an administrator comment, or it may even be a great idea to take to heart and develop.

Never let it rest

Once you have it up and running, don’t let your feedback forum lay dormant—engagement will breed engagement. Have your support team direct users there in order to express their ideas. Allow the product or creative teams to post into the forum about upcoming initiatives in order to discover if buy-in already exists. Or both! Take advantage of your users’ willingness to speak to you directly—all you need to do is listen to hear the voice of the customer.

How to hear the voice of the customer


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