AutoPark iPhone App Shifts Customer Support Into Fast Lane

Published January 27, 2010
Last modified January 27, 2010

AutoPark is an iPhone and iPod touch app designed as an essential driving companion – with features that enable hapless motorists to:

  • Avoid parking tickets by getting alarm reminders before their meters run out.
  • Remember where they parked.
  • Find nearby services (for example, gas stations or banks).
  • Easily share parking information with others via email.

Developer and parking ticket hater Ramin Firoozye launched AutoPark on iTunes in mid-January. And for support, he turned to Zendesk, which he said he integrated into the app in less than one hour using Zendesk’s iPhone SDK.

Zendesk iPhone SDK kit allows you to automatically tag tickets with specific information from the application (for example, version number, operating system, etc.), which is far more useful than just sending emails and then having to manually sort them into the right support queue. (The SDK is also available for Android).

About the developer: Ramin Firoozye has worked for over 20-years in the tech industry developing a range of technologies from web browsers to server frameworks and social networks. His products have had over 100 million copies in distribution. He's the founder and principal developer at Frolicware, an iPhone product development and consulting house focused on user experience and well-designed applications.

AutoPark will be demoed at Macworld San Francisco in the Mobile Application Showcase Feb. 9-13.