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6 ways to grow your business with live chat support

By Padmini K

Last updated May 1, 2014

Customers appreciate instant service and prompt answers to their questions. Shocking, right? Not only does effective and efficient support keep customers happy, it’s likely to make them eternally loyal to your brand. A poll conducted by eMarketer reported that 62% of customers were inclined to purchase products online if live customer support were available.

Providing instant support to this growing demographic of online shoppers is important to the bottom line. Finding a channel that meets the needs of the customer can be a challenge, but live chat support is one of the few online tools that provides instant support and personalized responses.

Here are 6 ways to effectively use live chat support:

1. Turning prospects into buyers
Prospective buyers don’t always know exactly what they want and tend to do a lot of browsing. Don’t let them leave without a purchase. Instead, use live chat to engage your customers; ask them what they’re looking for, educate them about your product or service, or prompt them into a sale. Live chat is able to capture a customer’s interests instantly, unlike email replies which take time and can lead to customers losing interest.

John Cooper, vice president of national accounts for IceWarp said, “Live chat is one of the fastest-growing technologies for businesses today. Companies are looking to reduce latencies in their communications.”

2. Confidence and reassurance
Many customers are lost half-way through the purchase process, as they can be disinclined to provide personal information. Some customers are not web-savvy and need step-by-step guidance to make a purchase. Whatever the situation may be, with a real person guiding them, customers feel reassured and confident in completing the transaction.

3. Know your target audience
Live chat marketing provides an opportunity for you to identify your customers and learn their requirements. This can help you adapt and modify your market strategy after learning the needs of your customers.

4. Train your staff
Remember that staff who are adept at phone support do not necessarily make the best live chat agents. Staff who attend calls need to be relaxed, whereas those involved in live chat are required to multitask as they interact with a lot of customers in a short span of time. In order to make an impact on clients, employees need effective training on live chat.

5. Time is of the essence
Check when prospective clients visit your site. Do not assume that your regular working hours of 9 to 6 will suit all customers. Find out the best time to reach international clients and plan your live chat accordingly. Consider outsourcing if it is outside the scope of your employees’ working hours.

6. Remember the human side
Be friendly, positive, and helpful while chatting with customers. A mechanical greeting demotivates the customer and adversely impacts the personal connection made possible with live chat marketing. A sincere approach prompts clients to listen to you. It’s important to show that you care.

Live chat support not only helps you stay ahead of competitors, but also enables you to save money and provide the best possible service. Knowledgeable and friendly staff get positive reviews, paving the way for more sales and profits.

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