Community tip: 11 ways to give customers the love with Zendesk macros

Published March 17, 2014
Last updated March 17, 2014

We recently asked for your tips on how you give digital hugs and electronic kisses to your customers. The response was lovely. Thank you!

The tips covered many different topics, so we compiled them by common theme. Our first collection to share is about using Zendesk macros and business rules to give your customers the love.

Digital hugs and electronic kisses with Zendesk macros and business rules!? You read right.

Here are the 11 ways to give customers the love (not listed in order of importance):

  • Tip 1: Macros for fast replies and personalized responses
    Summary: Gennie uses Zendesk macros and triggers for fast and personalized responses. She also recommends using screen shots and screencast to show customers the answer.
    Read Gennie's full tip
  • Tip 2: User trigger to send as few emails as possible
    Summary: Justin implemented a technique to eliminate unnecessary email.
    Check out Justin's complete tip
  • Tip 3: For pending, auto remind customer and agent to check in
    Summary: "We have automations set up to notify customers who haven't responded after 24 hours and then after 5 days."
    See Monica's entire tip
  • Tip 4: Say thanks for providing details or use macro to ask for details, saving time
    Summary: It can be hard to get the information needed to help customers. Thank customers who provide great details, and use macros to help.
    See Siobhan's full tip
  • Tip 5: Use macros!
    Summary: "We create and use macros like they're going out of style!"
    Read Nikki's tip on using macros
  • Tip 6: Smile and be genuine, personalize emails and macros
    Summary: Customers can feel authentic warmth and love via emails.
    Read Chavah's full tip
  • Tip 7: Assigning tickets
    Summary: To keep on top of SLA times, macros are vital for assigning tickets quickly.
    Here's Christopher's complete tip
  • Tip 8: Use automation to find and solve zombie tickets
    Summary: What is a zombie ticket and why do zombie tickets happen? This is a method for dealing with them.
    Check out Dave's full tip
  • Tip 9: Use macro to remind customer
    Summary: Don't mark a ticket solved until it is solved. A macro to remind customers can help.
    Read Tristan's complete tip
  • Tip 10: Limit number of email notifications
    Summary: Reduce the amount of automated emails that customers aren't interested in.
    Here's Amanda's entire tip
  • Tip 11: Keep customers updated
    Summary: "We pride ourselves on keeping our customers updated about issues that they experience, especially when they're ongoing even if there isn't an update."
    Read Gavinash's full tip

Check back soon for our next collection of customer love tips!