Build toward a great 2016: 11+ new integrations

Published January 25, 2016
Last modified January 25, 2016

This January brings a little something for everyone to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace—from apps for task management and time-tracking to e-commerce and adding .gifs to tickets. We also have a couple new integrations with cloud contact centers (Bright Pattern and Interactive Intelligence’s PureCloud), and asset-tracking software from Robot Cloud and EZOfficeInventory. Plus, if you’re curious about which apps your team likes or uses most, there’s now an app for that too.

Bomgar Remote Support
Bomgar connects people and technology securely, providing leading remote support and privileged access management solutions that strengthen security while increasing productivity. The Bomgar Remote Support Integration app is one half of a two-part integration with Bomgar Remote Support, providing necessary UI elements which allow a user to perform common Bomgar tasks from within Zendesk. These actions include the ability to generate a Bomgar session key linked to the current ticket, or to leverage Bomgar's Jump technology to access a remote system.

PureCloud for Zendesk
Interactive Intelligence's PureCloud Engage contact center is an all-in-one customer engagement solution that is multichannel, scalable, and easy to deploy. When receiving a call via Engage, a pop-up screen can show a Zendesk ticket or user profile so that you have all the caller’s pertinent information or history. You can further shave minutes off each call by having a ticket automatically opened in Zendesk, ready for agents to add notes and a resolution.

MeisterTask is a simple, yet powerful task management and collaboration tool that adapts to your team’s workflow. Work together more efficiently by creating tasks directly from a Zendesk ticket. Agents will see the task status and the latest comments directly in the Zendesk ticket view and can easily navigate to MeisterTask from there.

EZOfficeInventory, a leading asset tracking software, helps your organization manage all of your equipment, assets, and inventory. Assets associated with employees are automatically shown within a Zendesk ticket. You can then select which assets should be associated to the particular ticket you are working on.

Bright Pattern Cloud Contact Center
Bright Pattern joins the ranks of the cloud-based omnichannel contact centers that integrate with Zendesk. Access all of Bright Pattern's contact center tools directly inside Zendesk. When your customers call in, an agent will be presented with the Bright Pattern call controls and new tickets can automatically created when a call is answered.

Robot Cloud Dashboard
Robot Cloud is the best way for your team to secure and manage all your Apple devices. With the Robot Cloud Dashboard app, you can view critical and often-referenced Apple device information alongside tickets. See what devices or assets are associated to the ticket requester, when it was last checked in, and more.

Vtex by BCR
Vtex is a world-class eCommerce platform that helps you deliver the best online shopping experience for your customers. With the Vtex app for Zendesk, you can easily have full access to a customer’s previous order history by searching for and viewing customer orders directly from a Zendesk ticket.

Time Doctor
Time Doctor helps you understand how and where your team spends time on their computers. You’ll be able to see the exact time spent on Zendesk tickets, as well as the proportion of time spent within Zendesk versus other websites or desktop applications they use for their support work.

Bedrock Data
Bedrock Data is a bi-directional integration platform that allows users to sync Zendesk with dozens of additional business systems. The platform enables non-technical users to create powerful, data-driven integrations that increase efficiency and productivity and help Zendesk users to create a more streamlined process for sharing crucial data points between all core business systems.

RightGIF is a super simple app that lets you add .gifs to your ticket comments with a single click. Search for popular animated .gifs to spice up your tickets.

App Survey
App Survey is a nifty app that can help identify which Zendesk apps installed in your account are your team's favorites. See the most-used apps, and take stock of your agents’ opinions on the apps. Results can be viewed in a simple dashboard.

Plus, new in Zendesk Labs:
Zendesk Labs is a testing ground for some cool experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. While they are subject to change and have various levels of support, they do provide some pretty cool features that may someday make it into the marketplace as official apps. Make sure you read over the disclaimer when installing the app!

  • Txtr - A handy app that can automatically replace a list of common short words or slang with its correct form, allowing agents to type faster and create custom shortcuts.

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